Lornie Engineering
2859 197A Street, Langley B.C. V2Z1Y1
tel: (604) 514-4330

Lornie Engineering is based in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.  A
lex Lornie has had engineering experience on a wide range of projects throughout North America since 1996.  He has been self-employed since 2005.
Alex has designed projects using a variety of different building materials and construction types.  He is the Engineer of Record for:
  - Pallet Racking Installations 
  - Tilt-Up Concrete Warehouses
  - Tenant Improvements
  - Residential Homes and Additions
  - Micropile Foundations

His clients have been building owners, architects, contractors, and construction component manufacturers.  Most of his work is done for repeat clients who meet him through personal referral, but he is happy to answer any of your questions about his services.


Building Structures

  - project planning
  - structural design calculations
  - construction drawings
  - field reviews

Pallet Racking
  - layout drawing review
  - structural design calculations
  - building permit documents
  - existing concrete slab certification
  - field review of installation



  Professional Engineer

British Columbia:

  Professional Engineer


  Professional Engineer

Northwest Terr. & Nunavut:

  Professional Engineer


  Civil Engineer